Shirtless Rob Ford Heckler Joe Killoran [Updated: New Angle]

Hi. It is sad that the man who set Bader Ginsburg's dissent to music has already impregnated me with his soulful eyes because in a just world I would be married to you until the end of time, have many of your bear-like progeny and wage battle against the Rob Ford(s) of the world with fierce shirtlessness (link) and… » 7/01/14 10:10pm 7/01/14 10:10pm

Department of Troll Thinks Chinese Employee Has Free Speech

The Chinese blogger Zhang Jialong (you've probably never heard of him) was dismissed from shady Chinese tech company Tencent on May 23rd. This comes a little over three months since he delivered critical comments about digital censorship to John Kerry. The US Embassy had requested him and three other "young blogger… » 5/31/14 10:40pm 5/31/14 10:40pm

You are no longer free to move about the country.

Another micro-revision has introduced notifications for when people unfollow you on Kinja. I've never been one to use the 'Private View' feature (for one thing, I can never remember it's there), but it's a pleasant formality that also puts checkmarks on comments by people you follow, a quick way to separating the… » 5/30/14 8:33pm 5/30/14 8:33pm

9 Most Redonkdonk Quotes From The New Yorker's Soylent Article.

It is well-known that well-meaning youth have a propensity to find answers for problems that didn't exist. Bastards like Einstein devising the theory of relativity when we were cool with classical mechanics, thanks, or Prince Joffrey simply being, because life wasn't hard enough already. » 5/10/14 6:41am 5/10/14 6:41am