Some offensively funny Vines from my secret Vine husband. (NSFW)

Kind of in response to this post. I'm not "sub-Kinjaing" though, I just think that jokes that rely on world views different from yours can still be funny. Am I bad person for thinking Racist Dawg is a funny meme? If I'm offended by anything it's that they're mostly jokes about African-Americans when there are so many… » 3/28/14 9:13am 3/28/14 9:13am

Regularized text, rev. 1.

Nákátá let hiz bædy rílaks, swítqd æf híz maınd, ilauwyng ðyngz tu flou þrú him. Ðís wz natqrl fòr hím, simðyng hyd dn evr sins hy wz i tqaıld, wíþ­aut i seknd þæt. Bífor læng ð bor­drz iv híz kæntqesnes flitrd iraund, dcst laık ð btrflaız. By­jænd ðyz bordrz leı i dærk ibís. Oukeı­cnly hiz kæntqesnes wúd flaı ouvr ð bor­dr and hvr ouvr ðat dízyjyng, blak… » 3/22/14 1:31am 3/22/14 1:31am

A recap for the tardy: True Detective №3

» 3/12/14 4:44am 3/12/14 4:44am

Episode one-point-three starts off with many indistinguishable words of prescient wisdom from Rust, as he observes the crowd at a Protestant tent revival shindig. The preacher preaches and has the crowd in the thrall of his power. Rust pontificates to Marty how feeble-minded the audience is in all likelihood, but he… » 3/12/14 4:44am 3/12/14 4:44am

Recap for the tardy: True Detective №1 + №2

» 3/11/14 5:23am 3/11/14 5:23am

True Detective is a television program that aired on HBO some time back. Around the time of the Ukrainian crisis and not long before Max Read became editor of Gawker. Not your ordinary, photogenic teledrama that circles the drain tentatively until its ratings expires. The conclusion of True Detective №1 placed it in… » 3/11/14 5:23am 3/11/14 5:23am